Fabric & Notions for the Darla Dress and Jumpsuit

We are so glad that you are loving the Darla dress and jumpsuit so much. Today we want to go over all things fabric and notions so you are able to choose the correct items to make your own version.


Main Fabrics

The Darla calls for lightweight woven fabrics with no stretch such as linen, cotton, rayon and silk. You want something that is thick enough to not be see through, but thin enough to not add too much bulk to the gathered waistline. I have tried some fabrics that are more in the medium weight range like a cotton poplin and it actually turned out pretty great. It held it's shape and had lots of volume and a really modern feel. That being said, generally I like to keep it under 4oz per yard when choosing fabrics for this pattern.

Here are photos of the four fabrics we used for the Darla samples. Two of the fabrics were from Stonemountain Daughter and Fabrics and were rayon crepes. Rayon is so great for this pattern because of all of the added ease in the hips.

The other two fabrics were both lightweight linens from The Fabric Store. These are also great fabrics for this pattern and are easy to sew with. 


Lining Fabrics

The Darla does not call for lining fabrics because it assumes you will be self lining the bodice. That being said, if your main fabric is slippery, extra lightweight, or has a loose weave, I do recommend lining your bodice with something more stable like a cotton lawn to give the structure to the bodice.



Coordinating Thread and Interfacing


We are going to need a few notions for the Darla as well. All views need a coordinating thread. I like Gutermann myself, but any all purpose thread should work.

We need a bit of interfacing for this project too. You will interface the top edge of your bodice lining, the inside edge of your pockets and, if your fabric is less stable you may also want to interface your straps for extra support. I personally prefer a nice woven fusible interfacing, but any lightweight fusible will do.


Views A & C 

Invisible zipper and Invisible Zipper foot

For the zip back view of the Darla, we will be inserting an invisible zipper foot. These can easily be shortened, so choose the recommended length or longer. You will also need an invisible zipper foot for your sewing machine to insert the zipper into your Darla. I have heard that you can insert an invisible zipper with a normal zipper foot too, but I've never tried it myself.

Hook & Eye

At the top of the invisible zipper it's traditional to add a hand sewn in hook and eye. Honestly though, I only add it about half the time, because I don't find that my zipper slips down without it. So in the end, it's up to you.


Views B & D

3/8" Elastic

The back of the tie back views of the Darla include a elastic casing along the back waistline. You will want to grab some 3/8" elastic for this.


There are a few other things you might want for the construction of the Darla. If you are adding a hook and eye you will need a hand sewing needle to sew it on. Some people also like to hand sew the lining to the waistline instead of stitching in the ditch, so keep this in mind when gathering notions.

One last item you may want is a loop turner or safety pin to turn your straps and insert the back elastic for the tie back view.


Ok, that should be it. I hope that this was helpful. The full sewalong is coming in a few days. If you need to purchase the Darla sewing pattern you can do so here.