I usually have an unstated rule not to sew something for someone who asks. I am more than happy to teach someone to sew something for themselves, but I feel like most people would never appreciate the time and effort it takes for me to sew something for them.

Well, I am breaking my rule right now. I have two sisters. One sews and one does not. The one who doesn't recently asked me to sew a skirt for her. I have often felt bad that she is left out because she doesn't sew, so I think this is a great excuse to include her in this way. The problem is that she doesn't live near me, but I am going to visit soon. So I made the Jenny skirt for her. I did everything in the instructions except sew the side seams (they are just basted right now) and the hem. I figure I will do those two in person.

So I wonder, do you sew for your friends and family when they ask?

Do they appreciate it when you do?