Leggings - such a polarizing subject. How many times have I seen a friend's facebook statis say something like "Leggings are not pants people!" I know where this is coming from. There are many potential fashion emergencies. Such as the nude legging which causes you a double take, the light colored legging on a hot day creating an unfortunate sweat line right between the cheeks, or the thin legging revealing every outline of the obviously darker underwear. Despite these things I proudly put myself in the "Leggings are Pants" club. What would I have done without the leggings trend pre and post both of my babies? It saved me. And I still wear them a lot. I have a few loose rules for wearing leggings (please note that these are my rules and I completely support others breaking them :). First I like to pair them with a top that covers my behind (for obvious reasons). Second, when sitting or kneeling you should never be able to see my skin through them. If so I layer them with a second pair. Third, only dark or busy prints. This hides a lot - whether it be underwear lines, fat rolls, dimples or sweat. So there you have it. Take it or leave it. I made these leggings up for my daughter and I just because I loved the fabric and it was cheap. I don't usually think it's worth my time to make leggings since they are so cheap to buy, but I've also found it a good use for knits in the stash. The fabric came from and I think they are sold out. Unfortunately it's not a nice quality and it already starting to pill :( I used a pair of current leggings that fit well and just used those as a pattern. I think this a really good option for most, but there are also lots of great tutorials and patterns out there as well. Here are a few to check out : Virginia Leggings by Megan Nielsen - I hear these are worth it and fit with no adjustments. Seems worth $12 to me. Make Your Own DIY Leggings Tutorial by Randomly Happy Drafting and Sewing Leggings by One Little Minute Blog Super Simple Leggings (kids) by Make it Love it So there you go. Do you support wearing leggings as pants? Do you ever sew them up or is it not worth your time?