Capsule Wardrobe Nikkos

I sewed up a couple more items for my capsule wardrobe. This week I sewed up two hacked versions of the Nikko top. For my first version I wanted a scooped neck Nikko that resembled a ballet / 90s top. I used the tutorial from Bella of @whatbellamade (the tutorial is in her story highlights) where she teaches you how to sew a square neck hack. This worked so well for me in the past, I used it for reference when sewing up this hack - with of course some more adjustments.

After some tweaking, here are the cut lines for my front and back Nikko (no changes were made to the sleeves). As you can see, I also took about 3/8" off of the angle of the neckline to help it hug my shoulders more. With the scoop in the back as well as the front, it was slipping off otherwise.


I cut out two fronts and two backs since this hack is fully lined. The sleeves are just one layer though.

 Then I assembled the main and the lining at the shoulders and sides. I matched the main to the lining along the neckline, right sides touching. I realized that I would need to attach some elastic to the neckline to keep it from slipping off my shoulders. I used 1/4" braided elastic that I cut to the measurement of the neckline minus 10%.

When sewing up the neckline, I just stretched the elastic ever so slightly as I went.

Here it is inside out.

Here it is right side out.

You can see that it bunches a bit along the neckline, but once you put it on, it all smooths out nicely. Im super happy with how the neckline ended up.

Once the neckline was done, it was just adding the sleeves and hemming.

I think this is going to be such a great basic in my wardrobe.


I also sewed up a cropped Nikko top in a striped ribknit from my stash. This version is sewed up just like the pattern says, just shorter. I cut the front and back an inch below the waistline notch. It ended up a great length to wear with high waisted pants like my Landers. It's nice to not have all of the bulk of the bottom portion when tucked in, and yet it's still long enough to keep my belly button covered.


That's it! Two more items for my capsule wardrobe complete. Just my two pairs of Landers left.