Adding a Lining to Blair Skirt

If you are sewing up the Blair skirt in a fabric that might be itchy or may stick to your tights (think wool), you may find that you want to fully line the skirt. This is a very easy hack and I am going to show you how today.

Start by cutting out your pattern like normal, but then also cutting out an extra back and fronts out of your lining fabric. I am going to be using a simple black cotton fabric. It's the same fabric I am using to line the waistband and pockets.

Just like the the main fronts and back, staystitch the top edges and sew / press the darts.

Continuing with the main instructions, sew the sides seams and press the seam allowances open. Because the skirt is being fully lined, you do not need to finish the side seam allowances of the main skirt or lining.

Trim 2 inches off of the bottom of your lining pieces. This will account for the hem of the main skirt which is a total of 2 inches. The lining will hit 1/2" higher than the main skirt after hemming.

To hem the lining, fold the bottom edge up, wrong sides touching, by 1/4". Fold up again by another 1/4" and stitch close to inside folded edge.

Finish sewing up your main skirt through step 14. Your skirt should have pockets (optional) and be hemmed, but the buttonband is not yet sewn on.

Pin the top and side edges of the lining to the main skirt, with wrong sides touching.

The hem of the lining should sit about 1/2" above the hem of the main skirt.

Baste along the sides and top at 3/8".

Continue to sew up your skirt according the main skirt instructions - treating the main skirt and lining as one.

That's it! It's a very easy hack and it made this wool Blair skirt much more comfortable to wear.