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I have been working on a few projects for my 5 year old daughter lately and wanted to share them with you. First off, I was recently sent this book, Girly Style Wardrobe by Yoshiko Tsukiori and was instantly drawn to this simple easy blouse for her. I love the ease and effortless style that these Japanese sewing books have (I also have my eye on this one) and this blouse was no different. I made the top according to the instructions except that I added a bit of length to the ruffle just for personal preference. My daughter and I both love the way that it turned out. I sewed it up in some simple red gingham because I thought it fit the classic, feminine style, plus the fabric is really cheap and I wanted this to be a bit of a trial run before using nicer fabrics. No need though because the fit is super forgiving and fits great. I think I want to make a white one up next, maybe in some eyelet. I paired the blouse with a simple chambray skirt that I actually have a tutorial for which will be posted later this week. It's the easiest skirt to make with leftover fabric and my daughter loves that it has some serious twirl factor. Which makes up both happy. It's my go to little girl skirt. I was also recently sent a kit to make up this kitten stuffie from Take&Make. It's not the sort of thing that I normally make or blog about (not sure that I have ever successfully made a toy before) but I have been longing for projects that I can do with my daughter as she has started to ask to participate, and I thought this might be the perfect first run. Honestly, I was completely ignorant about making stuffies and it is so much more involved than I ever thought. I have new found respect for all of your ladies making toys and stuffed animals. My embroidery skills are laughable and who knew that there is a science to using stuffing?! My kitty kinda looks like it has cellulite. Haha! Lesson learned. All that begin said, my daughter LOVES her new toy and the process was really fun. I am new to the company Take&Make, but I was so impressed by the quality of the product. The kit came so beautifully packaged and the quality of the items chosen for the package made it feel more like a present than anything else. I kept thinking that this was the exact kind of thing that I would have loved to get as a gift when I was younger. I am a project oriented person so getting like this would have been right up my alley. In fact, I am going to keep my eye all of their new kits as it gets closer to the holidays as I think that this would be the coolest gift to give to a crafty inclined person. I especially have my eye on this book binding one. I can think of so many women who would love this. Check back on Thursday if you are interested in the tutorial for the skirt.