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Darla Sewalong Day 6

Welcome back to the sixth day of the Darla Sewalong. Today we continue with the tie back views. If you are sewing on of the zip back views, you can skip ahead to tomorrow.

Grab your Front Bodice Lining.

Step 52 - With wrong sides touching, fold the bottom edge of the Front Bodice Lining up by 3⁄8” and press.

Step 53 - With right sides touching and the Straps sandwiched in the middle, pin the top edges of the Front Bodice Lining to the main Front Bodice, matching notches.

Stitch the upper edge using a normal 1/2” seam allowance.

Notch the curved areas along the top edge of the Bodice inside of the seam allowances.


Step 54 - Press the Front Bodice Lining up and away from the main Front Bodice and over the seam allowances.

Understitch the Front Bodice Lining to the seam allowances close to the seam.


Step 55 - With the front and back right sides touching, match up and pin along the side seams and Pockets.

Be extra careful that the dots and inseam Pocket seam lines for the front and back line up.

Also double check that the seam line from the Bodice Front and Front Skirt / Pant line up with the seam line from the Back Skirt / Pant and Elastic Back Casing. Pin generously.


Step 56 - Place the corresponding Back Bodice piece, right sides touching, along each Front Bodice side seam. The top edge should sit just below the Front Bodice and Lining seam line and the bottom edge should sit just above the back Casing. Match the side notch to the dart leg on the Front Bodice. Pin.

Baste to secure.


Step 57 - Pull the Front Bodice Lining down at the seam line. The Back and Casing will be sandwiched in the middle and the bottom folded edge of the Bodice Lining should line up with the bottom folded edge of the Elastic Back Casing. The Pockets remain extended. Pin.


Step 58 - Stitch from the top edge of the Bodice down until the first dot, using the normal 1/2” seam allowance.

Start stitching again at the second dot, backstitch, and stitch down to the hem, using the normal 1/2” seam allowance. Note that this new stitch line is 1/8” in from the seam attaching the inseam Pocket. This allows the Pocket to stay hidden in the side of the side seam.


Step 59 - Stitch around the outside edge of the Pocket, starting at the top outside edge and ending at the side seam stitchline. Backstitch at both ends to secure.


Note : This is a good time to try on your garment and check the fit. If you are going to make any changes to the side seams or elastic length, do it now before sewing down the Lining.

Step 60 - Turn the Bodice right side out. I like to give the Bodice a good press here. Press all side seam allowances and Pockets toward the front.


Step 61 - Pin the top Pocket edges to the front waist seam allowances.

Pin the bottom folded edge of the Bodice Lining so it covers the seam allowances and top of Pockets. The bottom folded edge should slightly cover the seam line. 


Step 62 - With the right side facing up, and starting at one side seam and ending at the other, stitch in the ditch of the seam where the Bodice meets the Skirt / Pant, catching the folded edge of the Lining and top of the Pockets in the stitching.

Note : You can also hand stitch this for a higher end finish.


Step 63 - Bring the Ties around to the back without twisting. Cross them once and then pull them through the back channel on either side, using a safety pin or loop turner to aid in moving it through. Tie them in a bow. Check the length of the Ties, and trim as desired.

That is all for today. We are so close to being finished. Come back tomorrow and we will do all of the little finishing touches.