Pattern: Grainline Studio’s Archer Button-up shirt

Textiles Used:  Polyester blend that I bought in the garment district.

Sizing: The style is a bit oversized and I think that the measurements were right on for the fit that I wanted.  If you are in between sizes I would lean down instead of up.

The Good: Love this pattern.  Silky blouses are everywhere right now so I was super excited when this pattern was released.  The blouse came together really well.  I will certainly be making more.

The Bad: The instructions are definitely written for an intermediate plus sewer.  It just assumes that you know a lot.  I have made a few button ups, but still needed to look up videos on youtube for the placket and button band.  That being said, Jen is doing a sew along for this shirt.  Her tutorials are always the best so I bet she will make the shirt sewable for all levels.

Changes Made:  None.  Well, none intentionally.  I accidentally sewed my collar on upside down and didn’t realize it until it was much too late to change.  Luckily my fabric is busy enough that no one will ever notice.  

Changes For Next Time:  If I made the same version again I would probably move the back ruffle up about an inch.  I am short waisted and it falls a bit low for me in the back.  I would also make the cuffs smaller as I had to overlap them a few inches to make them fit.

Conclusion: Highly recommend this pattern!  So versatile and I plan on making a bunch.  I am especially excited to sew along with her on her blog.


  1. this is as great as i imagined it when you showed us this fabric. as far as you being not so happy about what size you had to cut out…you look stunning kelli! promise i’m not just saying that :) totally understand post baby woe about how you feel in your own skin. with all that NYC walking i’m sure you’ll be back to your old self in no time.
    gorgeous shirt i’m looking forward to this archer sew along …i need to get that pattern cut out pronto!

  2. Beautiful fabric. It looks great. I, too, sewed my collar on upside down the first time — and ALSO didn’t notice until it was too late. I’m a bad blogger, though, and didn’t mention it in my blog post because I thought I had made a foolish mistake that didn’t deserve attention. But maybe there’s something in the pattern instructions that made us both do it… Anyway, I never wear my hair up so I’m not concerned, ha. I love your blouse!

  3. Holy hair Kelli – you look fantastic! Fun print choice – I made some really bad post-partum fashion choices a few years ago, glad I can count on you for good inspiration this time!

  4. Me tooooo! I sewed the collar on upside down not once but twice, it will have to be hair down for me. The ruffle sits a little low on me as well and I had to take heaps out of length out of the sleeves. Great choice of fabric a great success

  5. GORGEOUS! I am SO TEMPTED to try this! It’s hard to tell from the picture – but it sounds like you used view B with the “gathered lower back detail”. I have a shirt I made of similar print probably 20 years ago – HAVE to find something like it again!
    Any thoughts about adjusting the front for additional bust allowance? Flat doesn’t usually work out so well.

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