If you were looking you may have noticed that the dress that I was wearing in my holiday photo looked familiar.  That’s because it was Vogue 1314 .  I just hadn’t gotten around to blogging it yet.  I fell in love with the pattern after seeing Mimi’s version and seeing some similar maternity versions out in the market.  So I decided to attempt to alter the pattern for my growing belly which worked out great.

Pattern : Vogue 1314

Materials Used : Some beautiful gray knit from Mood Fabrics.  This fabric is super soft and washes up nicely.

Changes Made : In order to accomodate my growing belly and make it into a maternity dress I added about 2 inches to each side of the side seams of the belly area grading out from under the chest to the bottom of the hips.  This took a little bit of trial and error to get the right fit.  Like other reviews I found the sizing to be very large so I ended up taking about an inch off each of the sides anyways.  This was probably even larger because my knit was very stretchy.  With a more stable knit you probably wouldn’t need to take as much out.
I also eliminated the lining.  I didn’t really see a need for it and I wanted this to be a simple project.  As a result I just did my own method for the neckline.

What Would I Change Next Time : I don’t think I will make this dress again, but I do think that after my baby comes I will take out the extra belly fabric and convert it to a regular non-maternity dress.  It’s such a great basic dress and flattering style.

Conclusion : Great, easy pattern with really nice results.  I would recommend it especially for those with a serger, as it sews up fast with one.  Just make sure you are prepared to go down at least one size and take in some width on the sides.


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