(a little prego shot :)

(the lining)

I finished my first item from my garment district fabric excursion a little over a week ago.  Since I have already made this blazer once before, it went pretty quickly and I didn’t have to do any fitting.  I did decide to do a lining in this one.  Since the original didn’t have a lining I used Grainline’s tutorials to draft a lining and then to bag the lining.  Awesome tutorials.  It went great and I am super excited about how professional this one turned out.


  1. Wow that was fast! I haven’t even taken my fabric out of the bag. That looks awesome!

    As a side note, do you have any recommendations for cool maternity patterns? I think I’m going to make a few items for my friend but the ones I’ve seen are kind of boring.

    • i have been so excited about my fabric finds that i just couldn’t wait.
      as for maternity patterns, i am a big fan of megan neilsens patterns. there really arnt any others that i recommend. luckily there are a lot of patterns out right now that are not maternity but could work for it.

  2. Oh dude, this turned out AMAZING!!! Love the print with the lining color so much, way to go! Glad you found the tutorials helpful also. You’ve inspired me to pick my blazer back up, thanks!

    • thanks jen, i can’t wait to see your blazer. i love wearing blazers and can’t wait for it to cool down so i can wear it all of the time. and thanks so much for those tutorials. its so generous of you.

  3. Love this! love the fabric choice and the awesome lining! what kind of fabric did you use for the lining?
    is that crisp fold line just from pressing or did you use so other method to create such a nice fold?

    • thanks kessem. i think the lining is a rayon lining. i got it from mood fabrics. and i did do some understitching around the side and bottom, but the creases as the collar are just from pressing.

  4. I really love the fabric and the lining colours together – it’s a gorgeous jacket. Especially when you fold the sleeve cuffs up :) You’re looking gorgeous!

  5. Ah this is amazing!! So chic and you look so beautiful! I’m glad to hear you used grainlines tutorials – I thought those were brilliant myself and its good to hear you got such pro results.

  6. oooh, this is so awesome! great fabric choices. i’ve been seeing blazers on blogs lately and it’s gotten me in the mood to make one myself. you’ve inspired me! i’m jealous of your garment district access now!

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