I finally finished the pattern for my toddler swing tank.  It is in size 2T and is free for download.  This has been a huge learning experience for me and a good trial run for some other patterns that I would love to eventually make available.

So here it is.  Click the following image to download the pattern.

I am working on a video of me making the tank so that sewers of all ranges will be able to feel confident making it.  Hopefully I can have that available by the end of the week.  In the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions or find any errors (I am sure there are some).


  1. Well I think it’s pretty amazing that you figured out the making of a pattern. Way over my head but something I’d like to do down the track. I really like the shape of this tank…is it unisex or meant for the gals?

    • unfortunately not, sorry. i keep meaning to get around to that and just havn’t yet. hopefully i will soon. let me know if you have any questions though.

  2. I’ve made 2 of these so far out of knit fabric, with cotton bias tape… SO ADORABLE and comfy for my daughter! I love this pattern!! She’s 15 months now, and I’m thinking it *should* fit her next year too. Thanks so much for the pattern!

  3. I am having a dickens of a time trying to download this pattern. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve clicked on it, tried opening in a new tab and a new window, and tried saving the target. None of it is working. Did you take it down?

    I’d love to try it and I LOVE the yellow ruffle dress made off of your pattern. With 4 girls in the house, we’ve gotta try the ruffle dress. Or maybe make more than just the one… Also, my youngest boy needs some summer shirts. This looks fast enough to get them done before we finish melting this year.


  4. I have made several of this for my daughter, and I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this pattern. Thank you for making it available for free. However, I would pay for a graded version if you ever do one! A great way to showcase cute fabric, and it comes together so, so quickly. Thank you!!!

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