Pattern: Mcalls 6044

Textiles Used: Plaid shirting from

Sizing: The sizing was suprisingly good.  My husband usually needs a slimmer fit for his dress shirts (which I usually have to take in), but this one already was slim through the torso.  I would say that it fits like an athletic fit shirt.

The Good:  I was more happy with this pattern than I had expected.  Now that it fits perfectly I feel like I can make him multiple shirts pretty fast.  He says it’s his favorite shirt now.  It was fun to play with the bias of the shirt for the yoke.

The Bad: I wouldn’t say that it makes a super professional style of shirt.  Even the basic shirt on the pattern is more like something that you would get at H&M or Gap not at a high end store.  This is fine for the casual tops we are making, but I wouldn’t use this pattern to make a business shirt for work.

Changes Made:  I made a muslin, but the only changes that I had to make were to lengthen the arms by about an inch.

Things I would change next time?  I think I am going to try to make him a couple of short sleeved options.

Conclusion: I highly recommend this pattern. It’s nice to finally sew something for my husband.  He is really good about allowing my sewing time (we even have 3 hours scheduled every week where he takes my daughter out of the house so I can sew) so it’s nice to finally have something that I can make for him.

22 thoughts on “SEWN : MCALLS 6044 (SEWING FOR MY MAN)

  1. This looks awesome!! I’ve been meaning to make my husband a couple of casual button down shirts. He also needs a slimmer torso, so this pattern would be perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, great shirt in a nice color. I may have to try this pattern for my boyfriend who likes a slim fit, too. I tried the Negroni by Colette Patterns but I think he prefers a more traditional collar stand and button placket like this one. Just wondering: what size did you make for your husband? His frame looks somewhat like my guy’s.

  3. I wonder if you take the yokes and draft them back in to the shirt front and back, if that would make it look more professional? I don’t know that much about men’s clothes, but it seems to me that your’s looks the same as dress shirts, except for the yoke. Very well done on this one, though!

  4. That shirt looks fantastic! I love what a professional job you did! I’ve never tried sewing for my husband (apart from minor alterations, boring hehe) but this is convincing me it might be time to start!
    Meanwhile, i think your schedule quiet sewing time each week is so genius!! I think i need to do this too!! love the idea

  5. You man looks hot in that shirt! Reow! He’s a lucky guy! I haven’t made anything for my man yet, I think I’m afraid that i won’t fit it properly, then he won’t like it and won’t wear it.

    I love this shirt, I”l keep the pattern in mind…

  6. Love it. Kelli, it really looks like a shirt he bought at Urban Outfitters for tons of $. Amazing! That fabric is perfect for the pattern – all those bias pieces make it so interesting. What a lucky guy!

  7. It looks fantastic! It fits him perfectly. I made a shirt once for my husband and keep vowing I’ll do it again. These men are so good putting up with the pins on the floor and the neglect of other chores and the “scheduled sewing time” (so sweet!) that they really deserve to get a little handmade something in return! I just never seem to get around to it…

  8. You really did a great job sewing for your man! It looks RTW to me! I’m sure your husband loves it, and kuddos to him for being such a wonderful man who supports you in your talent!

  9. I’ve never sewn a men’s shirt, but I’ve been thinking about it. Fabric Mart always has a lot of nice shirting material. It’s nice to know that the pattern has a slim fit – i’d probably also need to make it longer too. I’ve finally convinced paul that he’s a M tall and not a regular L. He was surprised that the stuff I bought him actually fit better.

  10. Great shirt! I like the yoke and pockets on the bias. The one that I made did not look as slim a fit as this, but I think possibley we chose the wrong size…

  11. I read this post the other day, then saved it to come back to it later. That night my husband and I were taking a stroll and he said he thinks he’d like me to try making him a shirt. I got all excited and said “I just saw this fantastic shirt on a great blog today!” So, thanks for this post and the inspiration! This shirt fits your husband perfectly and the little details are great. Even if the pattern isn’t exactly high end, you made it high end by your fabulous pattern placement. You think H&M would even come close to that? I don’t think so :)

  12. What a great shirt! The fit looks perfect and the fabric on the bias in the back is fun. I will have to save this pattern for a later date.

  13. Do you think this would be a good pattern for a guy 6’4″, 180lbs, 40-42 chest, 32 waist, 36 sleeve? I’m having a devil of a time finding athletic fit shirts for this guy and he needs some flannels. Most are too wide in the middle. Can they be taken in and still look decent?

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