Pattern: Darling Ranges Dress by Megan Nielsen  

Textiles Used:  silk from Vogue fabrics

Sizing: The sizing was true to my measurements.  

The Good: I am beyond excited about how this dress turned out.  It might be my favorite thing that I have sewn up to now.  The pattern and instructions are easy to follow.

The Bad: This is the first silk item that I have ever made.  It was a little tough.  I did french seams which made the dress beautiful on the inside, but it made it hard to fit is perfectly.  And it’s not easy to unpick silk without snagging the fabric.

Changes Made:  I made quite a few changes this time.   I raised the neckline by an inch, lowered the waistline by an inch.  I added a tie to the neckline.  I also omitted the buttons down the front.  Instead, I sewed up the center front until about 4 inches below the waistline.  I then added snaps from there to the neckline.  I also decided to add a lining to the skirt portion of the dress.
Conclusion: Wonderful pattern with lots of opportunities to change it for your personal taste.


  1. Oh Kelli!! I love it!

    I literally gasped when i saw the tie front – what a gorgeous detail to add!! So pretty!!

    I’m sorry you had trouble with the silk – but i think it was totally worth it because this dress is stunning! The problem with silk is once you get the hang of sewing with it you will get addicted hehehe

    Hugs!! xoxo

  2. This printed silk is AMAZING and gives the dress so much character! I made four lined silk crepe de chine bridesmaid dresses last year, so I know your pain (but it does get easier)! :) Now that you’re done with sewing you get to reap the benefit of how beautifully the fabric wears (very)!

  3. I love, love, love it! You made some great alterations/changes to the design and I’m smitten with the hot pink lipstick you wear with the dress in the photo (that color lipstick is a current obsessions of mine).

  4. I’m making this dress at the moment and Googled images for inspiration. Your version is incredible! So cute, elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

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