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February 14, 2018

It is Valentines Day, so I thought it would be fun to sew up some new cute pjs for the occasion. I’ve been wanting to try out the Ogden cami as a pj top for a long time and so this seemed like the perfect excuse. I just needed to locate a cute bottom that I could pair it with.

After doing some digging around I decided to try out the Lexi boxers from Evie la Luve. Knowing that Hannah has a whole line of lingerie sewing patterns, I was pretty sure that the Lexi boxers would be the right style and I was right. They were cut and sewn within an hour and turned out great. I realized after cutting them out that I was supposed to cut them on the bias. Ooops. But luckily the fit was still good. I opted to omit the lace trim which did make the hemming a bit more tedious, but nothing crazy and I also did not add the buttons or bow to center front. They are short, but in the perfectly appropriate for night time kind of way.

I sewed these pjs up in the petals fabric from Workroom Social that I had leftover. The fabric is so great. Nice drape, but still not see through, and compared to my other rayon fabrics, this one hardly wrinkles at all. I have some black sandwashed rayon set aside for another pair once I get the time. And this time I won’t forget to cut the shorts on the bias.



February 12, 2018


I am so excited to share this super simple and super fun hack for the Lander pant pattern with you today. The best part about this hack is that you can add it to your existing Landers for one look and remove the straps to wear them as the original pants when you prefer.

The fabric for these Landers is from the Fabric Store in LA. It’s a navy twill that is just the perfect weight and structure for these pants. I am almost always drawn to black fabric, but for these pants I absolutely love changing it up to navy. It has more of that 70s vibe that I am into right now. I am wearing the Landers with a Nikko (view B) in a cream baby rib knit from JoAnns.

I don’t have step by step photos as this is so simple, but I will talk you through how I did it.

First I cut four long strips of fabric and interfaced each one so they wouldn’t stretch out. I wanted the finished suspenders to each be 35.5″ long and 1.5″ wide, so with seam allowance each strip was 36.5″ long and 2.5″ wide. This is of coarse personal preference. You will need to decide how long you want yours. I recommend sewing it longer than you think because you can always shorten them.

With right sides touching, sew two strips together leaving an opening to turn it right side out. Trim corners, and turn right side out. Repeat for second suspender.

Give it a good press making sure that all corners are sharp. Edgestitch around the outside of each suspender, closing up the opening you left at the same time.

With your finished Landers on, pin your suspenders so that they attach in the front and back where you want them to. I decided to have my front ones hit at the top of the pockets. In the back I crossed them and had them end about 3 inches out from center back on each side.

Now you need to sew buttonholes in each end of your suspenders and then hand sew the coordinating buttons to the inside waistband in the four spots your chose. Make sure that you don’t sew through your entire waistband or you will see the stitching on the outside. One tip I have is to choose very flat buttons so that you do not feel them on your waist when wearing it.

And that is it. Super simple and fun. I wore this outfit to a baby shower on Sunday and could not have felt more chic. You can find the Lander sewing pattern here and the Nikko pattern here. I hope you give it a try!




February 2, 2018

I bought this amazing camel and white striped linen at my favorite NYC fabric store (Gray Line Linen) in the fabric district. I immediately knew that it would become a buttonup and the Grainline Archer is a pretty easy choice. I actually bought a black and white striped linen and two 4 ply silks at the same time which I can’t wait to sew up next.

I wanted to play around a bit with the stripes for some added interest. After seeing some great inspiration on pinterest I decided to go with vertical stripes over all and then horizontal stripes on the back yoke, front pockets and cuffs. I love how it turned out. Still a great everyday buttonup, but the stripe play makes it feel a little more modern and intentional.

As for fit, I measured in at a size 8 and went with that. The only change that I made was to shorted the sleeve by 1 inch. Next time I will take another inch off. I am 5’3″ so this is not surprise. I end up rolling my sleeves most of the time anyways so it really doesn’t matter. I may also thin the sleeves a bit overall. I havn’t decided for sure though. I like that slightly oversized boyfriend fit of it and don’t way to mess that up. I think this oversized look works especially well with the crumpled linen style that is inevitable with this fabric.

You can pretty much say that I love this Archer shirt. It’s my favorite color palette right now and it’s just so easy to throw on when I want to be comfortable on work days, but still put together. I can’t wait to make up the other 3 versions that I have ready to go. I see some batch sewing in the near future.



January 8, 2018

I wear my first batch of Lodo dresses all summer long. Especially my wide striped version. I find it to be the perfect comfy, yet elevated knit dress that I can wear with sandals to the playground or dressed up for a date. So, I decided that I needed a couple that also would work for colder weather. Although it is short sleeved, paired with some thick tights, a leather jacket, and some booties, I think it works perfectly for the fall and winter.


I sourced both of these cozy knits from The Fabric Store online. The first one is a boucle that is so lush and soft to the touch. You can find it here. It’s pretty much like wearing french terry but dressed up. One great thing about this boucle in particular is that it has a super subtle silver strand going through it. Now usually I am a hard no to anything with sparkle, but for the holiday months this was perfect. I actually wore it out on New Year’s Eve and it was awesome. So comfy and easy to wear, but still just special enough for a holiday event.


I especially love this dress paired with my leather jacket, thick tights and leather booties. Put together, intentional, on trend and yet also casual in a way.




At the same time that I sewed up the boucle version I also sewed up this black ponte one. I am a big fan of ponte in general because it holds it’s shape so well, although not all pontes are created equal. They often have too much polyester for my taste and pill, but this one is really nice quality.

You know how I love sewing up things in pairs to get more bang out of my sewing time and this was an easy one. In fact, I started cutting out both of these dresses at about noon and wore one of them out that night.


I especially love this black version because I know that I can wear it in the spring and summer too. Paired with some sandals this is pretty much my perfect everyday warm weather dress. But, paired with thick tights, booties, a cuff (from Native Clutter) and some dark lipstick it’s perfect for winter too.

What do you guys think? Do you think that I pulled off the Lodo dresses as cold weather appropriate? I know that I can’t wait to wear these all year long.



January 2, 2018

I was finally able to carve some time out after all of the crazy holiday chaos for a photoshoot of my New Look 6493 jumpsuit which I made for my husbands holiday party. I thought this was going to be a pretty easy make, but boy was I ever wrong. So many little road blocks that turned this simple jumpsuit into a bit of a nightmare of a project. In the end I am OK with how it turned out, but not thrilled. Mostly I am glad that it is done so that I can move onto new projects.

The pattern is New Look 6493. This pattern got a lot of love in the sewing community when it was first released. It has a cool shape and the wide leg pant that is so on trend right now. I like the easy elastic waistband covered with a cool waist tie to cinch it in (although I am thinking about pairing it with a thin gold belt next time I wear it). I also think that the cross over front and back bodice make for an easy changing situation which is always something you have to think about with a jumpsuit.

After reading any review I could find, I decided to go down two sizes from what the pattern suggested and I am really glad that I did. I still feel like I am kinda swimming in it, but it would have been way worse. I also had to do some adjustments to the bodice. It purposely has a deep cut in the front, which I think looks amazing on some women, but I was not gonna rock that much cleavage. So I did an fba along the princess seam and also I added some coverage t0 the center front panels. I also had to raise the armhole by about an inch for it to cover my bra.

The fabric is a gorgeous silk crepe de chine from The Fabric Store in LA. It’s a deep navy (although I meant to order black but chose my swatch in the basement – oops!) which I ended up liking a lot. The great thing about a navy is that I could easily wear it for a spring wedding or something down the line. It dresses it down a bit. Plus I love navy and black together right now so it ended up being a happy accident. I am a big fan of silk crepe de chine. I love that is feels amazing against your skin, but also presses and sews pretty easily. Plus it’s not see through (usually), which always makes me happy because I don’t generally like to line things unless I absolutely have to.

And there you have it. Would I make this pattern again, probably not. Too many other patterns to sew and this one just wasn’t a clear win for me. I wore it with my favorite new bracelet from Native Clutter and my leather jacket from Zara which has become my jean jacket equivalent for winter. It goes with everything.