Here it is, the yellow wrap dress that I made for my brother’s fiesta wedding.  All in all I am pretty excited about the way it turned out.  I must say that this dress is a bit loud for NYC, but hopefully I have another opportunity to wear such a dress soon.

Pattern: Vogue 8379

Materials Used: Floral knit from Denver Fabrics

Sizing: After reading other reviews I went down one size from my measurements and it worked out well.

Changes Made: As you can see I made a lot of changes.  I changed the sleeve into a very gathered sleeve.  I also cut the back on the fold instead of making a seam down the back.  I also created a sloping high-low hem.  I also lined the bodice with a dancewear nude fabric to add some stability and coverage.  Next time I would also lengthen the lie by at least a foot so that I could tie it into a bow instead of a knot.

The Good:  A great solid pattern.  Very easy to follow.  Easy to customize.  Sews up really fast.  I think that wrap dresses are usually very flattering and look good on all body types.

The Bad: The original pattern is a bit conservative for my taste (or as others have said very business appropriate).  Otherwise great.

Conclusion:  I highly recommend this pattern for anyone that is looking for a basic wrap.

And just for fun here is a pic of me and those of my siblings who were able to attend.


  1. Beautiful dress and looks like lots of fun to wear. You made a plain pattern cover look very stylish. That dress would be right at home here in California. Hope you get to wear it again, soon.

  2. Wow – you look gorgeous! I think the dress is a real stunner! I love the bold print and color, and as I said before, it’s never a bad thing to have “that” dress in your wardrobe!

  3. Oh it’s gorgeous! Seems like you could make it again in a solid and it’d be a completely different (but still very comfortable) dress. Hope you saved your notes! 😉

  4. You have a great-looking family there (there are more you say?)! I love big families! :) I commented on PR, but I’ll say it again, that dress of yours is *stunning*! :)

  5. It’s so loud and cheery (which means I love it!) I’m generally a bit on the fence about the hi-low hemline thing, but it works really well on this dress, and looks very nicely finished inside.

  6. Love this dress so much Kelli! So so much more awesome than the original, the sleeve modification is just perfect. Also I’ve said this before but I’m going to say it again, if there was an award for best hair in blogging you’d have it!

  7. This turned out so great! I think you were right to choose this pattern and then make the alterations you did. I still love the Vogue, but this is perfect! So appropriate for the situation and so lovely. Great job, Kelli!!!

    • i only lined that bodice and I did so with some kind of polyester nude stretch fabric in the dancewear section of Joanns. I really think you could use any nude or white knit though as long as it had a similar stretch and weight to your fabric.
      hope that helps.

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