Just finished this tie dye maxi and am kinda in love with it.  I have been so excited to show you all.  So here is the finished outfit and below that you will find pics of my step by step tie dying.

Pattern : Mission Maxi by Jamie Christina

Materials Used : White knit fabric from JoAnns (sorry I am not sure what it is made of but probably some cotton/rayon/spandex blend), some Navy Blue fabric Dye, and a lot of rubber bands.

Changes : After making another version of this pattern in past, I decided that I wanted a bit more room around the bottom of the maxi.  Starting at the hips I graded out to about 2 inches on the bottom on either side of the dress (both front and back).  I really like the extra amount of fabric.  It just flows a little more and allows for easier walking.

What I would change next time : I really don’t know if I need more than 2 maxi dresses, but if I do I think I will draft some sleeves and maybe a v neckline for one.

Conclusion : Love how this turned out.  Not only is this a great fashion forward pattern, but the tie dye was much easier and more fun that I anticipated.

Now for some pics/steps for making the tie dye.

1-I began by making the dress most of the way.  I sewed the side seams, shoulder seam, and attached all of the bindings, but did not do any topstitching or hemming.  I wanted to wait on those so that I could match the color of thread to the dyed fabric.
2-Then I took rubber bands and twisted them around the entire width of the dress every 4 or 5 inches. I just eyeballed it.  I used about 4-6 rubberbands for each section to make sure that they were bold stripes.  (hint – my rubberbands kept breaking and so I found if I twisted them three at a time they were stronger and wouldn’t break, plus it went faster.)
3-Next I mixed my Navy Dylon Dye according to the directions and and let it soak in the dye for an hour stirring occasionally.
4-Then I rinsed it in cold water for about ten minutes and then carefully clipped all of the rubberbands off.  (the most exciting point).
5-Now time for the finishing touches.  I washed and dried my dress on warm and then finished stitching the bindings and hem with the matching thread.  

29 thoughts on “TUTORIAL : TIE DYE MAXI

  1. OMG. I love this so much. Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve only over-dyed clothing and fabric. I haven’t tried any techniques – this project seems like a good place to start.

  2. How funny, I have a tank top waiting to be dyed this exact same way (rubber band stripes and everything)! I’m just waiting for the dye to arrive– I’m going to try out using indigo.

    Love this maxi! It’s really cool!

  3. Lovely! I might make a shorter version.
    I always worry with dye that no matter how many times I wash it on it’s own when I finally trust it to be washed with other clothes, it’ll bleed out. Maybe that’s the secret. Never wash it with other clothes!

  4. Gorgeous. If you draft a version with sleeves, any chance you can post a template or instructions? if that doesn’t infringe on anything of course. I would love to find a maxi pattern with sleeves. All I find are tanks and I don’t know how to add sleeves.

  5. Oh this is fantastic! I love that color, and the tie dye on that dress is so fun! Nice color combo with the blue dress and your sweater. (And I love your curly hair.)
    In case you tie dye again, my grandmother, who is a crazy lady/fiber artist, always uses cotton twine and wraps it VERY VERY tightly around the tied spots. It always works really well.

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