I finished my muslin for Grainline’s Scout Tee this weekend.  I am very happy with the way it turned out. I used Grainline’s tutorial for flat bias necklines and it worked out perfectly.  I am just so happy with the way that the neckline and shoulders fit.  I think that this pattern will be great for my looser fitting easy shirts like the green one below.  I decided to use another pattern for my lace shirt.  I want it to be a little bit more fitted and to have a bust dart.  Any suggestions?

I often use old thrift store sheets as my muslin fabric.  I find that it is the cheapest way to get a large amount of fabric.

I am curious, what do you guys use for your muslins?

8 thoughts on “SEWN : SCOUT TEE MUSLIN

  1. Its a really cute muslin!! So sunshine-y…

    I admit I buy a bolt of “muslin” from Joanne’s. I figured it was way more economical for me to lay down $40 once in awhile. And it usually lasts. Lately I’ve been trying to clean up what little “stash” I have so I’ve been using odd bits of fabric that have been laying around for way too long!

  2. Depending on the project I will try to find a cheap fabric of similar weight and drape. Usually I’ll go for cotton or poly fabrics that are $2 a meter…I’ve also used a lot of actual muslin bit I find it very stiff an the drape isn’t always the same as my final farbic…

  3. I use actual muslin, or pieces of fabric I got second hand…anything I don’t care about wasting on a (possibly) ill-fitting) project.

  4. Thanks for the good review. I have the tiny pocket tank by grainline, it’s great! I made a cotton (vintage sheet too) muslin which i wear continuously, and a stretch. I should have gone up a size with the stretch I used, I think. Def going to give the tee a go- for $4.50 you can’t go wrong!

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