I am very aware that I am not the first blogger to do a tutorial on making an infinity scarf, but I was going to make one for myself anyways so I thought I would show you all my take on it.


-2/3 yard of 60 inch wide knit fabric
-matching thread
-measuring tape

*fabric suggestion : I recommend using thicker knits like sweater knits and ponte knits.  This will make a much more lush and expensive looking scarf.

Step 1 –

Square off all sides so that they are straight and even.  You may want to even cut off your selvages like I did if they are bit curvy.

Step 2 –

Fold fabric, right sides together, so that it makes a long skinny fold (hotdog ways).

Step 3 –

Sew the raw edges together at about 1/4 inch.  If you have a serger then serg it, if not do what I did and just use a long zigzag.  Back-stitch at both ends.

Step 4 –

Press seam open if you used a sewing machine and not a serger.  The seam should be in the middle of the scarf.

Step 5 –

Turn scarf right side out.  Match the seams up so that your tube now makes a circle.  Pin seams together right sides together.  Make sure that your scarf is not twisted at this point.

Step 6 –

Starting about one presserfoot distance away from the seam, backstitch and then continue to stitch around the edges keeping right sides together and your excess fabric from getting in your stitching.  It can take bit of maneuvering but your can do it.

Step 7 –

Eventually you will not be able to continue stitching without stitching over the body of your scarf.  At this point backstitch.  You will probably have about a 3-5 inch opening in your scarf.  Pull the body of your scarf through the opening until it is right side out.

Step 8 –

Fold one of the sides of the opening under so that it covers the hole and press.  Pin in place.

Step 9 –

Line up all seams and make sure the the seams are centered.  Edge-stitch the the folded side of the opening down through all layers (there will be a stitch line on both the inside and outside of the scarf, but it will be hidden by all of the layers of the scarf).  Back-stitch at both ends.

Step 10 –

Try it on!


  1. Yea! I’m so glad you’re still blogging. I can always use your sewing help. The scarf is very cute, but it’s hard to imagine needing one ever again after the weather we’ve had the whole month of January in CA.

  2. I am so glad to see that you have continued blogging! I missed your posts at presserfoot. I would love to try and make this scarf–it looks awesome on you.

    I hope you and your family are well.

  3. Gorgeous!! and so easy!!!!! I love infinity scarves… next time there is a sale on merino wool knits…. guess what I’ll be making?!?!

  4. Your fabric and the color of it is really beautiful – perfect for the Infinity Scarf. Thanks for the photo tutorial you’ve shared. Your infinity scarf turned to a beautiful finished product you can proud of. By the way, you look so pretty on your photo! :) 😉

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