Pattern: Darling Ranges Dress by Megan Nielsen  

Textiles Used: Black Rayon Challis from Hancock Fabrics  

Sizing: The sizing was true my measurements.  

The Good: I think that this is a really great pattern.  I love the idea of knowing who the person is that designed the pattern.  Independent pattern makers are so fun that way.  I love that there are no facings to deal with.  The way that the neckline and front closure come together is just really smooth.  It’s a really cute and versatile pattern.  

The Bad: The bust doesn’t hit me in the right place.  I think I may need to do an FBA next time.  Also the neckline keeps on flipping up.  Any suggestions on how to fix this next time?  I think this may be my fault though.  For some reason I can’t get bias tape to lay flat on a neckline.  

Changes Made: I raised the neckline by an inch because I had seen that other’s versions tended to be low and I really hate wearing a cami under dresses.  I also lengthened the waistline by an inch because I thought it might just hit me at an unflattering place.
Things I would change next time? I think I will do an FBA next time.  Also, I want to try it in a much more fun print.  I think it would be a good pattern to add a tie around the neck to as well.  

Conclusion: I highly recommend this pattern.  It is easy and I think good for beginners.  I can’t wait to try another one of Megan’s patterns.  It’s an easy dress to wear with boots or heels.


  1. So cute. I made this pattern recently, too, and wish I had your foresight about the length of the bodice. I think the bust dart hits in a weird place, like you said, so I will adjust that next time I make it as well. Otherwise it’s great! Love your version in a solid color. Very versatile.

  2. Really nice! I like this dress a lot, but I know I wont make it because the waist is too high for me. It looks lovely on you, though!

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